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Frequently Asked Questions

here are a list of frequently asked questions by our clients.

Equity investment is a platform whereby African or Diaspora entrepreneurs are matched with potential investors and get their projects funded.

For an African entrepreneur, reach out to wendy@auspiciousblockchain.com or support@auspiciousblockchain.com to get your projects listed on the site. For an investor, you have to sign up to view projects and start investing by contacting project owners

Simply use the chat box or contact them directly by sending an email to wendy@auspiciousblockchain.com or support@auspiciousblockchain.com

Yes. Get in touch with the support team to have your projects listed on the site

$9.99 USD per month, subscription can be cancelled at any time

Yes. All projects are thoroughly vetted before listing them on the platform by Auspicious Blockchain and by our partners.

Yes it uses Https for secured site access.

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All displayed projects are reviewed and vetted by the Auspicious Blockchain team.