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Acquatic Foods limited

The business was established in 2018 as a fish processing unit. It is located at Sakumono, a suburb in Tema in the Greater Accra Region.We deliver healthy products as an alternative products to sausage loving individuals who for one reason or the other do not eat meat products. We produce and process fish into sausages, patties, salted dry fish known as koobi

• The products are new on the Ghanaian market and extensive sampling has been made at Trade Fairs, exhibitions, and social events.

We are now ready to put our products into the supermarkets. In fact, we have negotiated the process of supplying to Hotels, Restaurants, and supermarkets.

How much we are seeking for


The company is seeking USD 10,000 at an interest rate of 10% per annum with a six months moratorium.


The product uniqueness • The target market • The machinery for use • The right team

Our Services

We Provide Reliable Services

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Processing of fish sausage is done manually making the process very laborious and time consuming. Apart from the mincer which grinds the fish into paste, the rest of the processing that is the mixing of the ingredients and the fish paste together is done manually.

Customer Segment

Our customers are households, business colleagues, social media who have also spread the good news for us. We are now ready to put our products into the supermarkets. In fact we have negotiated the process of supplying to Hotels, Restaurants and supermarkets.


We are also into discussions with providers of meals to school children termed School feeding programmed to add fish sausages as source of protein. One of such provider is ready to sign a contract with us.

Additional Services

Marketing Strategy

Our mission is To provide you with quality, trusted, reliable and health options. Our promise to you is to be consistent and offer you a delightful customer experience. Ensure you have products that meet your expectations at reasonable and affordable prices.

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Team Members

This is the eligible members of the team

Mabel Quarshie


Ansah Larbi


Isaac Awua-Boateng

Business Deveoplment

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