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Frequently Asked Questions

here are a list of frequently asked questions by our clients.

Imagine there is a platform which connects you with the right investors or funders for your project or startup. How cool will that be?

Auspicious Agile & Blockchain equity investment is that platform which connects African or Diaspora Entrepreneurs with potential investors. We also provide great opportunities for funding providers or investors by presenting them with a pool of brilliant Entrepreneurs and projects they can invest in and make great returns.. 

We create that opportunity or environment for both investors and entrepreneurs to network and benefit from one another. We also assist entrepreneurs with developing a good business plan to attract the right investors.

First you sign up by creating your profile and having your business listed or published on the site. Next, Interested investors would contact and engage you and lastly make sure you present your business well and close the deal by getting your project funded.

For Investors, you must first sign up in order to get full access to projects and contact project owners

Simply use the chat box or contact them directly by sending an email to wendy@auspiciousblockchain.com or support@auspiciousblockchain.com

Yes. If you are a startup, an African or Diaspora entrepreneur, you can start the process by signing up first and providing all the documents required to get your projects posted on the site. You can also simply reach out to the support team to assist you with any challenges you may face.

For entrepreneurs your business should be registered, you should have your financials and business plan ready for presentation before your projects will be listed on the site.

For entrepreneurs you pay as low as $8 to get your projects or business listed on the site. This comes with

  1. Assistance with uploading of your project on the site
  2. 24/7 customer support
  3. Recommendation to potential Investors
  4. Visibility
  5. Assistance with your business plan

For Investors you pay a minimum of $9.99 to get access to a pool of quality projects.

Yes. All projects are thoroughly vetted before listing them on the platform by Auspicious Blockchain and by our partners.

Yes it uses HTTPS for secured site access.

Explore our list of vetted and verified project

All displayed projects are reviewed and vetted by the Auspicious Blockchain team.

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