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About Company

Irrifarm Irrigation System

We are an organization that was established with an aim of helping farmers in Arid and Semi-Arid areas and other areas that lack enough water to favor farming. This was to ensure that the problem of food shortage is reduced in the Country especially in the arid and semi-arid areas

• Our range of dairy products is sourced from leading suppliers whose quality in the market is trusted.

• We are a trusted brand having been in the business for the last 4years.

How much we are seeking for


We are requesting a total of 52000USD for shipping a 40ft. container of flat drip tape Preferred interest rate is 13 percent per annum, preferred repayment period is three years and a grace period of five months.


The product uniqueness • The target market • The machinery for use • The right team

Our Services

We Provide Reliable Services

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No Preservatives/Low sugar

We do not use preservatives on our yoghurts, thus cannot be sold on the shop counter or hawking. Less sugar compared.

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Competitive Price

We offer competitive pricing for our products. Though small scale we are in the middle tier.We strive to improve our range of products to accommodate the target market and beyond

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Strengths and Convenience

We work around the clock to ensure that the products are made available conveniently, fast and safe. In an environment infiltrated with low quality products, we strive to give a new experience and at competitive prices.

Additional Services

why irrifarm

We are the sole distributors of datta irrigation products, this is a company based in India , we supply their drip irrigation materials which is our main product. We are the pioneers of double emitter technology in our dripline as a result of numerous complaints by farmers due to blockage of the drip tubes. We conduct free site visits and offer after sale services to our customers. We do free quotation to the farmer and advice on high value crops and market trends for different crops,

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