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Arts Fashion & Creativity

Bags And Cloth Company

We are a startup company that is an ethical & sustainable brand that thrives in doing simply beautiful pieces of accessories. We delight in creating unique designs for our clients.



Fashion House Company

We are a startup Fashion house who are into male, female, children, and ready-to-wear outfits targeting Nigeria and the international market as well. We are into designing fabrics and creating unique designs with the aim of making our clients look exceptionally elegant and confident in their outfits.


Eco-Bags Company

We are a Mozambican company and brand that locally produces and sells eco-bags. Our bags are made from woven and non-woven fabrics and are meant for multiple purposes, such as shopping, events, gifts, parties,  and others to give the smile to clients as well as making their search for their needs on time.

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Jewelry And Accessories

We are a startup organization who are into creation of handmade accessories, especially with African cultural inspiration. Our aim is to impart skills and provide children with education materials……

Food And Dairy Production


Organic Food Processing

We are a licensed organic food production and processing company that is based in Lagos State Nigeria. We have a farm for cultivating different types of crops such as plantain, soya beans, ginger and garlic. We process and market food items within


Aquatic Food Processing

The business was established in 2018 as a fish processing unit.  It is located at Sakumono, a suburb in Tema in the Greater Accra Region.We deliver healthy products as an alternative products to sausage loving individuals who for one reason or the other do not eat meat products. We produce and process fish into sausages, patties, salted dry fish known as koobi

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Dairy Production Company

This is a competitive brand started in 2016 with a sole aim of providing dairy products and other value- adds to its customers .The activities, products and procedures are guided by the principle and the belief that individuals and groups are strengthened by the values of service, integrity, simplicity and high level of standards.

Travel & Tour And Agriculture


Travel & Tour Company

We are a travel & tour agency which provides a one-stop-shop for tourists visiting East Africa whereby we offer packages such as booking of hotels, parks to visit at which season, transportation booking, connecting flights especially.

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Irrigation Company

We are an organization that was established with an aim of helping farmers in Arid and Semi-Arid areas and other areas that lack enough water to favor farming. This was to ensure that the problem of food shortage is reduced in the arid seasons of the country. Our aim of helping farmers is a passion to behold.


Dual Purpose Chicken Project

This is a project with the aim of introducing improved dual-purpose chicken to 200 women and 100 young people within the community in Lari-sub county of Kiambu county Kenya, to raise the nutritional standard of the households while also ensuring that they generate income.

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Kwidex is Ghana’s biggest Agricultural crowdfunding platform. We give everyday people an opportunity to own part of the value in agriculture.

Kwidex offers an embedded finance and fulfillment solution that allows SMEs to raise financing via crowdfunding and manage their supply chains seamlessly.


Dual Purpose Chicken Project

This is a project with the aim of introducing improved dual-purpose chicken to 200 women and 100 young people within the community in Lari-sub county of Kiambu county Kenya, to raise the nutritional standard of the households while also ensuring that they generate income.


Onion Dehydration Company

We are a startup dehydrating processing facility that is into onion powder, instant pepper soup, and stews. Over the years,  we have noticed that cooking indigenous meals is time-consuming, crops become expensive when out of season, and onion post-harvest losses.  



Sanitation Company

 Established through passion and over 10 years of experience in the Sanitation Industry. Our vision is to improve sanitation, enhance lives and improve human dignity, eliminate sanitation challenges, eradicate water-borne diseases by ensuring people have access to proper sanitation by providing Eco-Friendly sanitation solutions.  Our mission is to ensure that communities, schools, and homesteads have access to a decent

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E-Commerce Company

We are an eCommerce shop that offers consumers the comfort and peace of mind to conveniently own any high-quality product they wish while providing Buy Now, Pay Later(BNPL), and Save2Buy services. Ametshop provides fast and reliable nationwide Delivery services via our 3rd party logistics partners. We also offer professional……Subscribe to read more and contact this member. You can gain access to products easier


Mental Health Company

We are a digital mental health organization offering an online platform for clients to access affordable and inclusive mental health services by virtually linking them to professionals. We exist so that people with mental health have easy linkage to quality virtual…..Subscribe to read more and contact this member for funding this particular project that is available for investment. Having to get access to health professionals is great.

ScanPay Platform

Our ScanPay platform allows you to invest in Africa and Growth Markets using Blockchain platform and infrastructure to allow crowdfunding and enable African Diaspora in funding development.

• We look forward to the opportunity to support your African investment, financial inclusion, learning and community interests.

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Single Pay

We provide an Escrow service. We provide the independent seller with unique payment links which they send to the buyer, the buyer then pays to that link from their bank account or from other mobile money platforms.

• When the buyer pays to that link ,we hold the money until their
order is delivered then we release the payment to the seller . This
ensures that the buyer cannot be scammed.

Milala Blockchain

The focus of our parent company “Auspicious Agile & Blockchain Pte Ltd” (a Singapore based FinTech Company) is Digital transformation and financial inclusion for Africa, African Diaspora and developing markets.

• Our Auspicious Blockchain Milala is a decentralized platform which uses blockchain, smart contracts and Bitcoin / Web 3 technologies to fund African projects.

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