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Our ScanPay platform allows you to invest in Africa and Growth Markets using Blockchain platform and infrastructure to allow crowdfunding and enable African Diaspora in funding development.

We look forward to the opportunity to support your African investment, financial inclusion, learning and community interests.

Invest with our Scanpay Platform for easy transactions and convinient services. We serve you better

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Strengths and Convenience

We work around the clock to ensure that the products are made available conveniently, fast and safe. In an environment infiltrated with low quality products, we strive to give a new experience and at competitive prices.

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Marketing Strategy

In addition to this, we facilitate the smooth frictionless movement of funds into and out of Africa to drive impactful investments for growth and opportunities that bring meaningful changes to the region with the aim of a better life for people and a brighter and stronger Africa, Asia, African Diaspora and Singapore.

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We are seeking USD $10,000


The product uniqueness • The target market • The machinery for use • The right team

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Team Members

This is the eligible members of the team

Wendy Naa Morkor Martei

Online Business Developer

John Okoro

CEO Auspicious

Kamalakar Sabale

Software Developer Synechron

Darryl Brumfield

Business Solutions Manager Phenomenex

Joe Mah

Chief Technology Officer PrimaHealth Credit

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